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Euroforest is the exhibition of the forest and the wood.

Situated in the superb forest of Chaumont, a developed circuit will give you the opportunity to discover an alive forest with the entire professional activities of the forest and the wood.

Euroforest is the event for the professionals.

Euroforest gather the entire forestry wood sector such as:

        - tree nursery
        - forestry
        - forest operators/logger
        - forestry contractors
        - wood processing industries
        - forest equipment
        - agroforestry machinery
        - transport
        - new technologies
        - unions and oranizations
        - vocational training centers 

And sectors regarding:

        - the environment
        - the sustainable management
        - energy
        - services
        - media and communication
        - transport and logistics


In 2010, Euroforest has been visited by over 28,000 visitors and 260 exhibitors showing 380 brands for three days. Euroforest is the third most important exhibition in world.

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About the visitors

Below the results about the survey done at Euroforest 2010

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