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2010 : Euroforest

This important meeting of the forestry industry comes within the European calendar of international exhibitions, along with Elmia (Sweden) KWF (Germany) Austro forma (Austria).


Euroforest takes place every four years: it’s an event not to be missed by those wishing to discover new products, and these are numerous, in the various areas of equipment, material and services.


2009 has not been a good year, with the exception of the wood energy sector. All equipment and material directly or indirectly related to forestry work has not sold. The crisis hit all manufacturers with full force. Their customers have certainly had a difficult year with activity greatly reduced since the end of 2008.


In spring 2009, many companies went to work in the Landes forest area, helping to harvest fallen wood. Equipment and material were therefore used in the end with high production levels and a great deal of wear.


This autumn the recovery could be felt, with most delocalized machinery returning to its usual area.


2010 should be the year of recovery and, even if this is only gradual, equipment and material will need to be renewed. The industry will be relying on the backing of banking establishments despite generally unhealthy 2009 balance sheets.


We will be following market developments in the sector throughout the coming weeks. The Euroforest organizers remain confident:


             "The crisis is definitely behind us. While 2010 will not be an exceptional year, it will be one of a fresh start. Euroforest comes at a propitious time when, more than ever, manufacturers and distributors of equipment and materials and service companies, must become particularly close to their customers and prospects. At a time when customer loyalty will be undermined by financial difficulties, Euroforest will be the opportune time and place to renew contacts.


We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, of 17th, 18th and 19th June, in Saint Bonnet de Joux (71), South Burgundy, France. " 


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